Movimento Autonomo per la Liberazione delle Anime da Giardino


The International Gnome Day - 1st Edition is the day dedicated to the Gnome.
Every year at 21th June each gnome lover celebrate and honourate the little creatures of the wood.
Parades, parties, events in the Internet, games and competitions are organized in each Nation: Italy, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, New Zeland, UK and USA!!! The best websites about the gnomes have created e partnership to celebrate this day and MALAG - Movimento Autonomo per la Liberazione delle Anime da Giardino, the most important Gnome Garden Liberation Front in Italy, have to organize something.
In fact the event is organized by the english website Beryl the Gnome by the close collaboration with MALAG, guessing this day will became an universal and eternal celebration.

In this event MALAG organize a big competition!!!
In the pages of the official website this kind garden gnome will less

At 21th June 2002, the first finding it wins the wonderful official MALAG t-shirt.

You have to click on the IGD's gnome and send an e-mail with:
- name
- adress
- where is the gnome

MALAG will announce the winner since the 24th June.

We are waiting for you at 21th June 2002 to celebrate with us the IGD - Internationl Gnome Day !!!


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International Gnome Day does not welcome people who steal Garden Gnomes. The day is entirely about Gnome Appreciation, Gnome Folklore and good natured Gnome Humour.