Dan Oberly, with his pickup - Patty Reece Dan Oberly, with his pickup
From a body of work about rural community in Missouri 
Text on the photograph:"I don't think much about the land. But when I had to sell some of it, I felt like tearing off an arm or a leg. You feel guilty. I just don't feel right, and you don't get over it, not for a long while. But it's better to have part of a farm than no farm at all. You know, people in Texas think we're poverty stricken. I never was greedy. I just wanted enough to eat and to get by."
(Iris print)

Patty Reece 

"In a rural community, interdependence rises to the level of an art form. Necessary for survival, the mutual dependence of those in the country dictates choices and creates a life style. The manner in which one conducts this process determines the richness or poverty of one's life, on many levels."

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