The Dzogchen Community

The Dzogchen Community is an association of people who, while continuing their normal life in the world, are deeply connected as practitioners of the Dzogchen teaching transmitted by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The core of the Dzogchen Community first developed in Italy in the mid-seventies; the Community thereafter spread around the world, giving rise to various centers (Gar) governed by representative councils (Gakyil). These Gars are not monasteries, but places where members can meet, study and practice, organize personal or collective retreats, participate in courses and cultural events.  A Gar is not a commune: the only person authorized to live in the Gar is the Gecköd or custodian, who is in charge for a maximum of two years. An International Gakyil assists in co-ordinating inter-Gar activities.

The Gakyil

The Gakyil is the representative body of the Dzogchen Community. It consists of three, six or nine members, depending on need and circumstance, who serve for a maximum of three years. The Gakyil is constituted in three sections, each symbolized by a different color, yellow, red and blue, corresponding to what, according to the Dzogchen teaching, are the three dimensions of our existence: body, voice (or energy) and mind. Thus, the yellow directs the economic and administrative operations of the Community, linked to the material aspect or "body" of the person. The red manages the work and services of the Community, connected with the vital energy or "voice" of the person. The blue guides the cultural and educational activities of the Teaching, related to the condition of "mind".

The Gars

The Gars are the main centers of the Dzogchen Community, where it is possible to receive, study and practice the Teaching. There presently exist various Gars and Gakyils in the world, which function in close collaboration without any hierarchy or subordination among them.


Comunità Dzogchen Merigar - 58031 Arcidosso (GR)

Tel. 0564-966837 - Fax 0564-968110

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United States of America

Dzogchen Community Tsegyalgar

P.O. Box 277 - Conway, Mass. 01341

Tel. 001-413-3694153 - Fax 001-413-3694165

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Comunidad Dzogchen de Tashigar

El Durazno, Tanti, Provincia de Còrdoba

Codigo postal 5155 - Poste Restante

Tel. - Fax 001154-3541498356

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Dzogchen Community Namgyalgar

Central Tilba - P.O. Box 14 NSW 2546

Tel. e Fax 0061 44763446

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