RT-793/ASQ (1964)
(Part of AN/ASQ-19 & AN/ASQ-88)

This radio was part of a complex navigation and communication system used on multiple aircraft types.

The RT-793/ASQ is a VHF/UHF transmitter & receiver from 225.00 to 399.95 MHz with 50 kHz spacing.  The unit includes a single conversion auxiliary receiver tuned on 243 MHz. The main receiver is a triple conversion with two tunable IFs.  The tunable IFs are similar in design to the R-390/URR and R-390A/URR (see below).
The tuning of the receiver is accomplished by means of a motor driven autopositioner.  An external control head is used for both frequency selection and all other necessary controls.
This radio seems to be an evolution of the ARC-51.  Manufactuting of the ARC-51 started in 1959.  The main difference with the ARC-51 is the control head with a BCD output and digital memory.

Below is the 1st and 2nd IF module. It utilizes ferromagnetic slugs for tuning. This design is an evolution of the Collins R-390.  Similar design was used on the ARC-54.


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