Last update Feb 16, 2001
WRR-2 and/or FRR-59.  Will pay cash or trade a R-1051B or a R-390A in good working conditions for a complete AN/WRR-2 orAN/FRR-59.

Galaxy R-1735/URR Dual Receiver


Collins 618M-1 control heads

Wilcox 807B (807A ok if 25 kHz spacing)

618T-3 Power Supply module

AN/ARC-123 components, control heads and manuals

AN/ARC-109 parts, racks & connectors

Rotron fans  (2-inch) 400Hz
any supply voltage (55V & 115V)


For Sale or Swap
If interested, please email

Collins 618T System

  • Includes: RXTX, Control Head and Antenna Tuner 490T-9
  • Untested, but first class condition
  • Manual can be purchased from NTIS or Fair Radio