A Tcl/Tk CSound front-end

This script implements a confortable graphic interface for compiling numerical scores with CSound by Barry L. Vercoe (Experimental Music Studio, Media Laboratory, M.I.T.). It's not the only software of its kind nor the better (although nor the worst).

The main window has three entries for score file, orchestra file and output file. Beside each entry there is a "..." button that opens a file request dialog box for file browsing. File names are saved between launches in the ".CSFErc" file, so quit CSFE with the Exit button.

CSound button invokes csound compiler with appropriare command line in a xterm window.

Options button opens options window. Here you can select format and resolution of output file, message level and graphic mode. Almost all CSound flags are supported (see CSound manual), except MIDI stuff.

Confirm button applies changes and close options window, while Cancel rejects them. Save button saves options setup to the ".CSFEoptions" file: CSFE will load them next run.

Here you can find the gzipped CSFE Tcl/Tk code.