Center for Economic Studies (CES)

One main purpose of CES is to bring together economists from all over the world for discussion and exchange of knowledge and ideas. The institute invites visiting professors and scholars, who are free to follow their ongoing research activities, and present their field of studies through weekly lectures and seminars at the institute. If you are interested in visiting CES, please check our visitor information page.

Every year around Thanksgiving, CES awards a "Distinguished CES Fellowship" to an internationally outstanding economist, who then gives the "Munich Lectures in Economics" in the great hall of the university. Prize winners include Avinash Dixit, Anthony Atkinson, Jean Tirole, Paul Krugman, and Rüdiger Dornbusch. Their lectures are published in CES' own series with the MIT Press. CES is also a co-publisher of Economic Policy, Europes leading scientific journal in the field.

CES was officially founded in 1991. In 1998, it has substantially enlarged its own research group. The idea was one of critical mass: only with fifteen to twenty excellent researchers, and a culture of permanent interaction and open discussion, it is possible to produce a sustainable and constant stream of first class economics research, as published in international refereed journals.

Research at CES concentrates on Public Finance aspects of the economy, like allocation, taxation, social security, or systems competition. Matters are seen from a European perspective: Should there be harmonization or competition between tax systems in Europe? How well do monetary and fiscal policy perform? Does the government set the right incentives for its citizens? Which system of social security would we want?

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