The Bank of Korea

Korea Government

Chong Wa Dae Office of the President Republic of Korea

Office of the Prime Minister

Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST)

Ministry of Information & Communications (MIC)

Small & Medium Business Administration (SMBA)
Central government agency which work for the growth and support of small the Small and Medium Business Administration.

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
Information necessary to do business with Korea; includes an index of Korean companies and their products.

Korea Investment Service Center (KISC)
KISC is Korea's official foreign investment agency providing information about the investment environment, investment regime, tax structure, recent economic news and investment opportunities in Korea.

Indirizzi utili

Korean Marketplace
This site provides information on Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Korea. The current home page is focused on international trade and joint ventures; provides an in-depth profile of the companies; includes complete information on foreign direct investment, both domestic and foreign; and help users to fing business partners through contact address. The listed SMEs are classified by industry, region and company name.

Korea Business Opportunity (KOBO)
It is a system designed to make it possible for foreign buyers to search for korean exporters who can meet thier requirements.

Istituti di ricerca

Korea Development Institute (KDI)
It is an autonomous policy-oriented research organization established by the Korean government as an economic think tank to provide a rigorous academic perspective on the various economic policy issues that had arisen during Korea's rapid growth and development in the 1960s.

Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI)


European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK)
Promotes the liberalization of trade and industry in Korea in conformity with internationally accepted criteria


Korea Stock Exchange

Korea Futures Exchange (KOFEX)


National Statistical Office

Indicatori economici

Center for Economic Information KDI
CEI provides up-to-date policy issue materials and a variety of publications released by various economy-related government ministries and agencies to the public by using the Center's EPIC system (CEI's user-friendly internet and nation-wide communication network search system), fax service, and local government networks.

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