FIBV - International Federation of Stock Exchanges

The FIBV, or International Federation of Stock Exchanges, is the trade organisation for regulated securities and derivative markets world-wide. The FIBV promotes the professional business development of financial markets, both at the national and international levels. Only when the markets are healthy can they be efficient and transparent, and in this way assure the best interest of both issuers of securities and the investing public. The label " member of FIBV " identifies each securities market as having world-class business standards, recognised as such by regulators and supervisory bodies, as well as by members and users of markets.

Organized, regulated financial markets do the best economic job of inter-mediating capital on the largest possible scale. From capturing orders to trade or providing access for new company capital offerings, and then carrying on through primary and secondary market trading, reporting, settlement, and custody, FIBV member markets have developed sound solutions offering both investor protection and efficient markets. New technologies stimulate FIBV members to make their services more efficient, cost effective, user friendly and reliable.

Co-operation amongst FIBV member exchanges is critical to the development of the industry. Financial markets offer their inter-mediation in an increasingly competitive environment. But the challenge of increasing volumes of capital inter-mediation, often cross-border, comes at a time when technology and socio-political change is rapidly forcing members to alter the means, and in some ways the very nature, of their traditional business practices. This fundamental change is a reality that the exchanges are living through together. The FIBV’s role is to act as the central reference point for the industry by offering members guidance in the process of international harmonisation of business practices, and to lobby all relevant public authorities and users of markets on their behalf in search for better understanding and utilising the international financial markets.


  • To demonstrate the role, the functioning and the integrity of regulated markets;
  • To maintain a platform for securities markets professionals to discuss issues of common interest, to identify new approaches and solutions which enhance the competitive position of regulated markets, and to develop programs which support stock exchange operations, including benchmarking, quality standards, and best practices;
  • To establish harmonised standards for business processes in cross-border trading in securities, including cross-border public offerings;
  • To create, develop and maintain a co-operative relationship with regulators in order to advocate the benefits of stock exchange self-regulation within the total regulatory framework in both national and international environments;
  • To support emerging exchanges in their efforts to develop markets which function according to FIBV member standards, thus contributing to global respect for the norms of a well-regulated industry.

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