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(Fonte: CIA -- The World Factbook 1999)
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Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Contains official MFA materials and publications, embassy information, addresses and phone numbers, and more.

Foerign Investment Promotion Center (FIPC)

Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM)
Federal executive organization responsible for implementing government policy on the securities market, regulating activities of professional securities market participants, and protecting the rights of investors and shareholders.


American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
Represents Western business interests in the Russian Federation.

Russia Export/Import
Features groups of products, companies, exporters and importers.


Information on Russia and international stock and financial market.

Russia Today
Source for daily, in-depth information on Russian business, politics, and economics.

Istituti di ricerca

Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC)
Economic policy research network, focusing on grants, training and technical assistance to individual Russian researchers. Working papers and other publications are downloadable.


The State Investment Corporation (GOSINCOR)
The aim of the Corporation's activity is the increase in the effectiveness of the investment process and creation of necessary conditions to attract foreign investments and stimulate national investments that are directed towards the realization of federal and regional programs of social and economic development.

Russian Marketing Association
Dedicated to developing a national and international marketing environment and to render assistance to the success of domestic companies.


State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics


Situazione economica a fine maggio 2000 e rapporti con l'Italia
A cura del Sole 24 ORE.

OECD Economic Survey on the Russian Federation
Marzo 2000

Sintesi del rapporto Ocse dedicato alla Russia.
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PDF (257kb).

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