This web site is down

Dear visitor, since this web site has been bringing me more problems than it solved, I have decided to shut it down. Maybe one day I will come back on-line with further content.

Also, the frontend project "MAME Wizard", I had created for the MAME emulator has been terminated as well and is NO MORE available for download. The same goes for all its accessory files.
I encourage anyone who has downloaded such software in the past to delete it or otherwise avoid its use because:
1) it is NO MORE compliant to MAME's command line interface
2) it is NO MORE compliant to the legal terms under which the "MAME" trademark can be used
3) it is NO MORE suitable for handling the latest versions of MAME (compatible MAME versions are so old that they require Windows 98 to run...)
4) I give NO MORE support for it

I would like to thank anyone who has followed my frontend project and/or helped, directly or indirectly, to make it better and better: beta testers, web masters, fans, the MameDev team and even simple users. I remember you all and have been delighted of working with you. You know who you are.

If you still have my e-mail address and you feel like sending me a couple of lines, please do so. However, by all means,

1) DO NOT ask for ROMS. I have NO ROMS at all and have NO CLUES about where you can find them
2) DO NOT ask for a spare copy of the frontend. Altough I keep my personal records for archival purposes, I WILL NOT send you a copy of it
3) DO NOT ask for source code. I WILL NOT disclose my code to the public. Moreover, MAME has changed *SO* much since the early days when my frontend first appeared, and my code is, by now, obsolete. A new version of the frontend, with all its features and the whole lot of cool stuff I would have wanted to add it, would require rewriting it from scratch. As you can easily understand, this solution is absolutely not viable, unless you feel like paying the time I would need to dedicate to it. I'm sorry, but I need to make my living.

I wish good luck to all of you.

"MAME" is a trademark of Nicola Salmoria and the MameDev team.