The Windsor Group


Liceo Scientifico Statale "Enrico Medi" Barcellona (Me) Italy - classes 3E and 4B Progetto Brocca ad indirizzo linguistico



My name is Tonino, I was born in Luino in the north of Italy, but I live in Barcellona P.G. in Sicily.I am 17 years old and I attend an experimental course of languages at the "Liceo Scientifico E. Medi". I can speak English, French and German, I can play the piano, the saxophone and the guitar.This is the first time I come to England and I am very happy.





Hello, I'm Francesco and I'm 17 years old. I live in Barcellona P.G., a town in Sicily in the province of Messina. I attend The "Liceo Scientifico E. Medi", which is near my home.

I study three languages: English, French and German. I can play the piano and the flute. I'm very happy to be in England; it's beautiful. I love meeting new people, knowing the culture of other states and exchanging ideas. Last year I went to Marseille in France and I hope I'll be able to go to Austria because I love travelling.





My name is Mirella Bucca, I am 17 years old. I live in Barcellona P.G. (Me). At school I study three foreign languages: English, French and German. Here in London I'm spending great days. I think that this is a wonderful city. Last year I went to France with my school-friends and I hope that next year I'll be able to go to Austria to improve my German. I love dancing, cooking cakes and listening to music. That's all, Good Bye!





I am Enrica Cimino, I am 17 years old,I live in Barcellona P.G.(ME) and I attend the local "Liceo Scientifico E. Medi ". I like London very much ; I love its museums, its castles, its greeness.I like dancing, going out with my friends and playing beach-volley.





Hello everybody.

I'm a 17 year-old guy and my name's Sergio Scagliusi. I live and study in Barcellona, a nice town near the seaside. This is my first visit to England and up to now I have visited lots of interesting places: London, Oxford and Windsor. London in particular is a wonderful and cosmopolitan city, where you can find peoples of every nationality. I liked it very much and I hope I will come back here again in the near future.


Bye Sergio!




Hi, my name’s Antonino but all my friends call me Tony. I’m 17 years old and I’m from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Sicily, Italy. I’m here in England for the first time and it is fantastic. We have already visited Oxford and Windsor and they are very interesting towns. I think that the Italian weather is better than the English one because in England it often rains. I like playing football, swimming, and playing computer games.

I wish you all the best





Introduction to Windsor


Tonino, Francesco, Mirella, Enrica, Sergio and Tony - Liceo Scientifico "Enrico Medi" di Barcellona P.G. (Me)




Hello! We are Tony, Francesco, Enrica, Mirella, Tonino and Sergio and we belong to the fourth group.

On Thursday 15th April, we went on an arranged trip to Windsor, a very charming town near London. The day we departed it was cold and windy (these were the negative aspects of the trip), but in spite of the nasty weather we saw in Windsor lots of interesting things. First of all we saw the changing of the guard with the Jamaicans (they belong to the Commonwealth), and then we visited the castle (inside and outside) with its bautiful and magnificent pictures, furniture and the Dolls' House. We were surprised a lot for the luxury we noticed all around. How lucky are people living there!


Windsor castle.



 The royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is just 20 miles west of central London and 15 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

The region encompassing present day Windsor was originally known as pisiquid, a Mi'kmap name meaning "Junction of Waters". This name referred to the confluence of the Avon and St. Croix rivers, which flow into the Bay of Fundy. In 1878 Windsor was incorporated as a town.

Windsor's harbour created a favourable environment for shipping and shipbuilding during the age of sail and it became a major port for shipping and travel. Windsor suffered two major fires: the first on October !7,1897 which destroyed much of the town, and the second on January 6,1924 wich destroyed several areas near the town centre. In 1970 the construction of a causeway across the Avon River closed off shipping to Windsor.

Today's economy in Windsor and the surrounding area is for the most part centred around agriculture, the mining and export of gypsum, clothing manufacturing, stone monument manufacturing and service industries. Windsor is within easy commuting distance of Halifax and as such a significant number of residents are employed there. Windsor's population has fluctuated somewhat, from 2849 in 1901, to a high of 3923 in 1961, to the present 3625.

Windsor town grew up around the castle of Middle Ages and consequently many of its buildings have links to historical figures such as Nell Gwynn and Sir Christopher Wren.

Windsor Castle has been inhabited continuously and improved and restored by successive monarchs according to their taste and style.Some were great builders , strengthening the castle against uprising and rebellion, others, living in more peaceful times, created a palace within the apartments of their ancestors.

The imposing towers and battlements of Windsor Castle create one of the world's most spectacular skylines.

No other royal residence has played such an important roll in a nation's history and no other castle has been inhabited for longer. But this is not the site of the original fortress. During the Saxon period a Royal Manor stood at what is now known as Old Windsor.

In 1066 William the Conqueror chose a steep chalk hill overlooking the river Thames to build a fortress. It was just one of defences around London and of strategic importance, in fact the Thames was then the main trade route of the country. During the successive Norman Plantagenet reigns, the castle grew in importance and during the time of Henry II it had attained the proportions of a royal palace. The design of the castle owes much to the influence of both George III and Geoge IV ; in fact under the reign of this last king the Round Tower increased in height, new private apartments were built. The castle is still used by Queen Elisabeth II today.This is certainly the largest castle in England and perhaps in the world. Windsor castle contains a wealth of history and treasure. Much is available for the visitor to see. A stroll through the presents reveals the timeless nature castle of with a prosperous community that lives and works within its walls. Along the North Terrace, that commands spectacular views over Eton and the Chiltern Hills, are the entrances to the State Apartments, Queen Mary's Dolls' House and the Gallery.

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House is a masterpiece in miniature.The house is built on a 1 to 12 scale. Each room is exquisitely furnished and manifactured.There is running water in all five bathrooms and electricity throughout the building.

-The State apartments are the formal rooms used for Ceremonial, State and Official occasions.They range from the smaller, intimate rooms of Charles II’s apartments to the vast scale of the Waterloo Chamber, built to commemorate the famous victory of Napoleon in 1815. The rooms are furnished with some of the finest works of art in the country including masterpieces by Holbein, Rembrandt and Van Dyck as well as magnificent French and English furniture and porcelain.

-The Gallery hosts themed exhibitions throughout the year, drawn from the Royal Collection. It contains a rich variety of drawings, paintings and sculptures, and other items like books, manuscripts, miniature, insignia and objects of art.

-St. George’s Chapel is one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings in England. This is the Chapel of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Britain’s highest Order of Chivalry. Ten monarchs are buried in the Chapel including Edward IV himself. Towards the Round Tower there is the entrance to the Albert Memorial Chapel converted by Queen Victoria as a memorial to her husband.

-The extensive Home Park of Windsor castle, Frogmore House, is surrounded by fine and picturesque gardens.

It was the favourite retreat of Queen Victoria .

Across the River from Windsor is Eton, probably the most famous school in the world.

The town itself is rich in historical buildings and artefacts, including a pair of stocks outside The Cockpit, a famous location for cockfighting.

Ascot is probably most famous for "Royal Ascot", one of the traditional events of the British social and sporting calendar. The race meeting is held in June, and traditinally gentlemen wear top hats and tails, while the ladies wear the season’s brightest and most outrageous fashions.



















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