Resources for Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Web Links:

Abzu (Oriental Institute, Chicago – by C. E. Jones)

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (R. K. Englund, Los Angeles)

The Sumerian Lexicon Project (M. Civil, Oriental Institute, Chicago)

The Electronic Texts Corpus of Sumerian Literature (J. A. Black - G. Cunningham - E. Robson - G. Zolyomi, Oxford)

The Sumerian Text Archive (B. Jagersma – R. de Maaijer, Leiden)

Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Home Page, ISSL Search (St. Tinney, Philadelphia)

Mesopotamian Year Names (P. Damerow – M. Sigrist, Berlin and Jerusalem)

The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia (Toronto)

The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project (State Archives of Assyria, Helsinki)

Canadian Society for Mesopotamian Studies (Toronto)

European Centre for Upper Mesopotamian Studies (M. Lebeau, Bruxelles)

Netherlands Institute for the Ancient Near East (Leiden)

School of American Research Advanced Seminar (Santa Fe)

West Semitic Research Project (B. Zuckerman, University of Southern California)

Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, at Northeast Normal University (Sheldon Lee Gosline, Changchun)

Bibliography on the Royal Cemetery of Ur (Andrew Cohen)





Journal of Cuneiform Studies


Journal of Ancient Civilizations





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