What's MemoDay ?

MemoDay is a FREE software that acts as a a reminder day by day of the important things you have to do which are set in advance, so it could be thought also as a notebook or a diary.

How can i download it ?

There're two links, the first one should be used to who is accustomed in thinking dates as month/day/year and the second one for who thinks dates as day/month/year:


How can i make money with it ?

There're many ways to advertise: on tv, on radio, promotional letters and e-mails but all of them have a cost and the advertising effect is just caught in the moment is in our ears or in front of our eyes. The advertising function of such software is that above the message shown there's a space dedicated to a picture sponsoring a company with the possibility of text included. Just think to how a person that uses a such software and every time a reminder is shown that also sees the logo of a company, then wouldn't this be impressed strongly in mind ? Wouldn't resorts to that company when that kind of service is needed ? These are important questions that should highlight the benefits of a continuous advertising performed by a software that is FREE for everyone wants to use it but requires a fee for changing the picture and the text shown. One that wants to advertise own business in such way has just to pay for the personalization of the software and make it available to others. It's for this reason that are needed people with graphic skills and that know how to use some graphic software to produce the image that would be alleged to this software ( anyway online training would be provided to get the best ) also the interested ones should be skilled in selling and interacting with the potential customers. Whoever is interested should contact me at the e-mail shown by the software.

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