Via Veneto Records (VVJ011)

An outstanding release form one of Italy and Europe's top talents, guitarist
Rocco Zifarelli. Rocco has been at the forefront of the fusion scene in
Rome, Italy for several years and it is easy to see why; impressive
technique, inventive and harmonically sophisticated lines, and beautiful
arrangements and compositions. The album's cast is also impressive: Stefan
Di Battista, a very strong alto and soprano saxophonist from Rome, drummer
Paco Sery of Sixun and  Zawinul fame, and fine bassists Pippo Matino and Matt
Garrison. The tune "Difficult Collaboration" is inventive both harmonically
and in its use of sounds. It also contains fine group interplay. The cover
of Jaco's "Havona" is a powerful fusion-fest with fine solos from both Rocco
and Matt  Garrison. Rocco also performs surprisingly well on the oud
("Preloud", "Interloud") and his knowledge of musics of the Mediterranean
and Middle East informs his fusion throughout the album. This is an
expansive album that bears repeated listening and will please Tribal Tech
fans as well as fans of guitarists Bill Frisell or Ralph Towner.

David Dorkin

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