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This project is born with the aim to spread out the knowledge of the European minor languages and cultures. We think that a speech has got the worth of a language when it is spoken by a folk that has being living on the same land for centuries. A language partially inherited from our ancestrors and partially evolved, as all languages in the world, with the help of other languages that have had an influence upon it along the centuries. Lugodorese Sardinian is a Romance language despite many words of its lexical background being here before the Romans' arrival in the island.
This language has kept unevolved in so many aspects that it's the one which most resembles Latin. That was possible because of the special History of Sardinia; it's isolation from the rest of the Meditarrenean people was complete for several centuries.
We consider that every folk possessing a language should maintain it, for language is the most consistent item of one's culture or one's identity. Today the modern media are favourising the disappearence of every cultural aspect of the minorities, though there is no specific plan from the states to achieve it. State languages always push these minor languages into margination for obvious reasons. They don't have any space at school, so their natural ambience becomes more and more reduced.
People speak their language less and less frequently, but seek the strong one, the language of prestige that will provide them means to improve within our society. It's commonly believed that the knowledge of the original languages of our folks (including their writing and their reading) is almost a waste of time.

By the means of the net, which is undoubtfully a universal means where the dominant language -English- is used, may be worthy for a contrary purpose: to spread and make people from all over the world know the richness of these languages and impide their disappearence, and -if it's God's will- so that we speak again the language of our parents.

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