Sulcis Park Map

The Sulcis Park, which extends over 68,868 hectares, is the largest of the future Regional Nature Parks established by a Regional Government law.

At the present time, the Park Agency has still to be constituted, however a large part of the territory is protected since it is the property of the Forestry Department of Sardinia and the W.W.F.

The Sulcis Park is situated in south-western Sardinia; it covers a large part of the mountain area between the wide Cixerri valley to the north, the plain of Villaperuccio, Giba and Narcao to the west, the coastal plains of Capoterra and Villa San Pietro to the east and those of Pula, S. Margherita and the Gulf of Teulada up to the bay of Chia to the south.

This park comprises 4 Mountain Districts and 15 Municipalities: Assemini, Capoterra, Domus de Maria, Masainas, Narcao, Nuxis, Pula, Santadi, Sarroch, Siliqua, Teulada, Uta, Villamassargia, Villaperuccio and Villa San Pietro. Only four of these towns are within the park perimeter, indeed the area is sparsely populated and often the main inhabited centres have hamlets or small rural communities known as "furriadroxius", which are mainly scattered in the eastern sector between Santadi and Nuxis.

The park area is shown on the maps of the Italian Military Geographical Institute (25th series, 1st edition 1992) in the scale 1:25,000 covering the territories of: Assemini (556, II), Siliqua (556, III), Narcao (565, IV), Capoterra (565, I), Santadi (565, III), Villa San Pietro (565, II), Teulada (573, IV) and Domus de Maria (573, I).

The main access roads are provincial highway No. 12 for Santadi which crosses the whole mountain range, and the municipal road which runs from Domus de Maria to Punta Sebera and the Is Cannoneris Forestry Barracks. Both roads are with only partial black-top surface but make for easy driving.


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