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Performing Arts Centre

via Tevere, 47 - Assemini (CA) - Sardinia - Italy


Jakob Draminsky Højmark

in concert

 <aN eMPTY sPACE? v.1>  &  <SONGTALE#04>

in collaboration with: DJBFA / DenmarkMultisound

2001, march 22/23/24 - h. 20:00


This event marks the moment of a transition, a metamorphosis.

Sound material developed for one purpose turns its inside out and starts new life.

“aN eMPTY sPACE?” consists basicly in a large collection of soundrecordings made by 15 opera singers, individualy interpretating three scores written by Draminsky Højmark. This series of scores - The dEADLY, The hOLY, and The rOUGH - was written using theatre director Peter Brooks millstone work “The empty space” as an artistic point of departure. Thus creating a multi-tongue sound archives full of hidden references to the history of theater from Shakespeare to Friel passing by Maeterlinck and Artaud.

The sound material has until now been presented in various forms: as a stationary gallery installation, as mobile installations on public sites, as museum concerts and last as a pocket-opera adding a live soprano voice.

At ARKA SPACE in Sardinia “aN eMPTY sPACE?” it is presented in its original form as a random 8 channels collage of the non-manipulated sound recordings, suggesting an abstract epic operatic atmosphere.

Various documentation objects as well as orginal score parts and notes from the complex process are present in the space.

To this point “aN eMPTY sPACE?” only consisted of human voices, reproduced either digital transformed or non treated, “Songtale#04” brings the material into a new state and hereby combines it with Draminsky Højmarks instrumental abilities.

“Songtale#04” turns “aN eMPTY sPACE?”  into a one hour long concerts situations based around two woodwind instruments; the bass-clarinet and the sopranino saxophone and a laptop computer. Using the interactive software MAX/MSP to trigger and manipulate samples from the original “aN eMPTY sPACE?” archives, and to process the sounds of his acustic instruments, Draminsky Højmark create an instant realtime soundscape inspired in storytelling.

More informations about “aN eMPTY sPACE?”on:

TEATRO ARKA (H.C.E.) • Via Porrino, 5 • 09032 Assemini (CA) • Sardinia - Italy • Tel.: +39/070/946057 • Fax: +39/070/946057
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