InterAzioni 2001

XIV Edition


International WorkshopFestival of Performing Arts

Video & Installations

CAGLIARI, Poliart Studio Gallery • via Università, 61

2001, june 5/6/7/8/9 - h. 10:30/13:00 - 18:00/20:00

CAGLIARI, CineTeatro e.r.s.u. “Nanni Loy”, via Trentino 

2001, june 7/8/9 • h. 20:30


conception and organization:

Arka (H.C.E.) Theatre

via Porrino, 5 • 09032 Assemini (CA) • Sardinia, Italy

phone/fax  070.946.057 – 070.940.288



Artistical Direction: Massimo Zanasi


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INTERAZIONI 2001 – XIV edition of the International Festival of Performing Arts (theatre, music, dance, poetry) Video and Installations – is the third consecutive part devoted to “Designers of worlds”, researchers of worlds alternative to ours, which are ruled by competition and lacking of time for utopias.

The event will take place thanks to the contributions of the Public Education, Performing Arts and Cultural Assets Councillorship of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, of the Tourism and Performing Arts Councillorship of the Municipality of Cagliari and of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Sardinia.

The main theme, “Designers of worlds”, invites the artists in this epochal shift – ending and starting point – to devise common scenarios among different populations and cultures. Worlds of visions and poetics beyond financial globalization and goods’ democracy, spaces where the myth of “being there” advertised by mass media communication is invalidated by a concrete art, which talks to human people about itself and its path.

Therefore through the Dramaturgy of Arts – that dialogue among theatre, dance, music, poetry and visual arts which has always enlivened Arka TheatreInterazioni 2001 looks into the reality to pick up a new, unknown synthesis, perhaps a world where you can discover the “not being there” as a friendlier and more habitable backstage.

Interazioni 2001 opens on June 5 at Poliart Studio in via Università, where up to June 9 Roberto Rossini, Paola Grassi, Maurizio Conte, Beppe Pepe, Sergio Aimasso and Lucia Sconfienza’s pictorial-plastic works will be on display. Every day from 10.30/12.30 a.m. to 6.00/8.00 p.m., besides the six artists’ works, a monitor will screen a selection of shorts by international film-videomakers. The same selection, which from June 7 to 9 will let CineTeatro Universitario “Nanni Loy” scenic space into the play, where at 8.30 p.m. three different videos shown on wide screen will open each soiree. It afterwards will go on at 9.30 p.m. with live interventions: on the stage will alternate the French Elisabeth Morcellet, different groups of Danish FOREIGNERS (Per Buhl Acs, Per Ole Jørgens, Jørgen Teller) supported for the occasion by the creator of computerized images Anders Elberling, the great Japanese dancer/choreographer Mariko Satomi, the Canadian performers Josée Tremblay, Nathalie Derome and François Martel, and the magic Japanese percussion player Sachiko Nagata.

The FOYER will be active as well, since along with extemporary installations to set the artists/performers, there will be interactive stations by L.I.L.A. (Italian League against Aids – Cagliari Branch), by Erbafoglio, Virus.Action and Vulcano magazines, and the publishing products distributed by Materiali Sonori.





june, from tue. 5th to sat. 9th  –  Poliart Studio Gallery – via Università, 61 – Cagliari

h. 10:30/13:00 – 18:00/20:00  (free entrance)

Plastic paintings interventions by:

Sergio AIMASSO (Italy): “Magic Box”

Maurizio CONTE (Italy): “Sound Memories”

Paola GRASSI (Italy): “Daikini”

Beppe PEPE (Italy): “Triptychs 1 & 2”

Roberto ROSSINI (Italy): “Ludi (traces)”

Lucia SCONFIENZA (Italy): “Emotions”

International VideoArt Selection (on monitors)


june, thu. 7th  –  CineTeatro “Nanni Loy” ERSU – Cagliari

h. 20:30 – ShortVideoMovies international selection on screen:

Florian Gallenberger (Germany/Mexico), Kirill Kravchenko (Russia), Ettore Ferettini (Italy)

h. 21:30 – performances

Elisabeth MORCELLET (France): “Laura mia attraverso gli angeli” (Character study XVIII)

FOREIGNERS – Per Buhl ACS / Anders ELBERLING / Peter Ole JØRGENS / Jørgen TELLER (Denmark): “For”


june, fri. 8th  –  CineTeatro “Nanni Loy” ERSU – Cagliari

h. 20:30 – ShortVideoMovies international selection on screen:

Heidi Köpfer (Switzerland), Jérome Boulbès (France), Chiara Gherarducci (Italy)

h. 21:30 – performances

Mariko SATOMI (Japan): “The Woman From The East”

Nathalie DEROME & François MARTEL (Québec/Canada): “Duet From The Air”

Peter Ole JØRGENS & Anders ELBERLING (Denmark): “Eig”


june, sat. 9th  –  CineTeatro “Nanni Loy” ERSU – Cagliari

h. 20:30 – ShortVideoMovies international selection on screen:

Vlado Shishkov (Bulgaria), Miriam King (United Kingdom),

Mario Jorge da Silva Neves (Portugal)

h. 21:30 – performances

Sachiko NAGATA (Japan): “Ha–Mon (A ripple)”

Josée TREMBLAY (Québec/Canada): “Gate or Rules: Reality”

Jørgen TELLER / Per Buhl ACS / Mathias TELLER / Gabriel ACS (Denmark): “Ners”

Artistical Director: Massimo Zanasi

Organization office: Paola Cao

Press office: Monica Perozzi

Consultants: Kyo Hoshino, Josée Tremblay

Technicians: Angelo Aresu, B. Scalas

Assistance: Giorgia Atzeni, Susanna Aru, Michele Licheri

Gallery setting up: Gianni Atzeni

Video recordings: Pino D’Asaro

Photography director: Rita Ledda

Digital images: Anders Elberling & others

Printing design: Biplano - Cagliari


In collaboration with:

FEDIC – Cineclubs Italian Federation

International Short Film Festival of Montecatini (Italy)

AAC (Aizu Art College/MMAC) – Japan

The Canada Council for the Arts

Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec – Canada

EssE (Arts + Opinions) – Montréal

FA3 Festival – Montréal

ROSA – Denmark

Alteration – Copenhagen

Ameritalia – Caracas

Materiali Sonori – Italy

Milan Art Center – Milan

C.U.E.C. – Cagliari

Erbafoglio / Il Versante Poi•etico – Cagliari

Virus.Action – Sardinia

Ambientare Studio “Interior Design” – Assemini (CA)

L.I.L.A. “Italian League to Battle Against Aids” – Branch of Cagliari

c/o Palazzo della Solidarietà, Via Cilea, 79 Quartu S.E. – Phone/Fax   070/882838

Web:   Email:

Presidency of the Regional Council of Sardinia

Regional Government of Sardinia

Province of Cagliari

City of Cagliari

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