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                                                                        The artist:          Maurice Lucidi           25-10-1961             Rome

Work into artworld from 20 year formation in a statal tech institute ,then institute of decorative arts

specialized in ancient decoration restore ,actually profession.During the last years goes into study of

medival arts and renaissance period in particular manierism.My artistic evolution,across different

styles,from my first occupation as art director in a surfboard factory(Bean custom board of Rome)

were I was four year,to the profession of tatooator for five years,actually I work with my society

of restore(Decoris)of ancient decoration and frescoes,I also work as portraitist, decorator,and

as artistic consulent in web design.In the remaining free time I painting and study for the evolution of

my style,in this last five years i trying to put on canvas my personal vision of art,the arrival point is the

Glittic Surrealism,glittic because my art speaks language of painting heads,present and past are

together,metaphisic concepts,characteristic of manierism are weaved in surrealistic key,roots of

the work are clearly philosophical and etical,and evolves throught onirical passing,their perpetual

moving goes to the impossible research of hided means of Story.

Prefered artist of the past:Albrecht Durer,Hieronimus Bosch,Francis Overbeck,Giuseppe Arcimboldi

Velasquez,all Italians of 5th. and 6th century especially manierist,Guercino,Guido Reni and much others

for the contemporary artist,all visionary,from Braque to Picasso,Dali,Ernst,Man Ray,Escher, Wharol

Haring,and I will continued for other 6 megabyte......



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