Koden as a pioneer of color video sounder, searching for the new technology, has packed all its technology ever abtained in a compact case.

CVS-106 allows the fisherman to easily activate its efficient functions thanks to the simply designed control panel. Koden ensures your successful fisching.



A number of functions such as range selection, zoom position selection, image advance speed, picture freeze, upper and lower alarm settings, can be simply manipulated by your finger tip through nine back-lit mechnical feedback keys.

Shallow range (5m, 5fm, 10ft) to deep range (320m, 320fm, 1280ft) are provided for fish finding and bottom composition.

The preset auto-range mode always tracks bottom on the screen. Bottom fish are easily detailed by using auto zoom mode.

Upper and lower bottom alarms alert you when you reach a preset depth area or fish alarm alarts you when a fish school enters a preset range.

Undesired low-level-signal colors in order, according to the strength of the returned echo, can be rejected so that you will not misread the images on the screen.

Boat position in latitude (L/L), or lines of position (LOP), boat speed, and depth can be displayed on the screen and stored when GPS, loran C, or Decca navigator is connected.

The range you want to view for detailed inspection can instantly be displayed with the selected zoom range. No other sounder on the market is provided with this remarkable feature.

The fish schools you are searching for are quickly displayed on the screen by doubling the image advance speed.

Compact size, 193mm (H) x 238mm (W) x 255mm (D), allows quick easy mount.

By only plugging the power connector and transducer connector into display unit, the CVS-106 is ready for use.

Display 6-inch color display
Resolution 256 x 256 pixels
Presentation 8 colors
Frequency 50, 120, or 200 kHz
Output 200 W RMS
Depth range 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 (meters, fathoms, I. fathoms)

10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280 (feet)

Zoom range and of the selected depth range
Zoom position Settable within the displayed depth range (at an interval of 12.5% of the displayed range)
Image speed Fixed 5 speeds (2/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8) and STOP
Alarm Upper and lower bottom alarms, fish alarm
Other functions Gain, screen brightness, color rejection, noise rejection, interferrence rejection, STC, measuring unit, water temperature display (*1), boat speed display (*2), boat position display (*3), instant memory (water temperature, boat position, depth), boat speed compensation (*2)
Input data NMEA-0183, NMEA-0182, KODEN-717
Output data NMEA-0183 (DBS, MTW, VHW)
Power supply 11 to 40 VDC
Power consumption 25 W or less

*1 & *2: SPEED/TEMP sensor or Transducer B is required.

*3: Navigator signal is required.


Standard Equipment

Color display unit With mounting bracket, knobs and vinyl cover


Hood plastics


DC power cable With connector at one endplain

2m (4,4 ft)

Spare fuse F7142, 5A


Installation materials Tapping screws (TPT5 x 20U)

1 set

Operation manual  



Transducer A Selectable
Transducer B Selectable
SPEED/TEMP sensor ST-80 (transom plastic type)

ST-90 (thru-hull plastic type)

ST-100 (thru-hull bronze type)

Navigator connecting cable For data input
Grounding wire IV 7/1.6 (3m, 10ft)


Dimension and weight