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Writer's Helpdesk

It has probably happened to all of us. You're in the middle of writing a story and you get to the point you're just stuck. You can't go on and starting over would just be a pity, coz, dammit, what you've got so far just works ok. So you leave it there, in yer notebook, in yer computer or wherever you've written it, ready to pick it up as soon as you get a chance. Or a good idea. What if you had a chance to have someone read it? What if you had the chance to let more than one person read it? Now you have it! It is for them you write a story, after all. And it's the 'ideal' reader that might give you the idea you were looking for. The one that you just can't seem to find, but that might be obvious to someone reading.
Here are some examples of what we're talking about. Each link brings you to a different 'unfinished' story. And each story has an e-mail address you can send your ideas to.
Set 'em free!

If you want to send your unfinished stories, please, send us an e-mail, including your story so far and an e-mail address to which the suggestions should be sent ( you can always refer to TheBlueHand's e-mail address and we'll take care of forwarding you the e-mails).

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