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Lizzy's Story

Contently she looked at the fruit bowl. She had been cleaning it for hours and now it seemed to smile at her, standing proudly amongst the other dishes with a bright gleam. Then Mary rushed into the bedroom and started dusting. Anyone who would have seen Mary without really knowing her would consider her to be the most average housewife alive. An everyday woman with no ambition, except for keeping everything tidy, who kept herself busy while awaiting her lousy husband. Who lost herself in her little tasks around the house cause if she would stop and think about her life she would probably look for the nearest skyscraper and jump off. Nah, those who truly knew Mary knew in what way she differed from the others.

It seemed harmless at first. Mary had a special place for every object. The tiniest knicknack, the most expensive gadget had its own emotional value, even her husband's shotgun, which had sent quite a few rabbits to "merry bunny land in the sky", was well cared of.  Each day she would check the rooms and if the ebony chair in the bedroom was slightly moved or the crystal figurine in the living room was standing on the wrong shelf she'd freak out.
But now everything was perfect. Even with the children of her niece in the house she had been able to keep the entire house spotless. And if that meant locking them up in their room, so be it.
Humming she left the room and as she went down the hall Mary decided to let the children out, after all, she was in a extremely good mood. But then suddenly in a glimpse she noticed that the door of the guest room had already been opened. Frank, her average husband was sitting in the couch in the living room reading the average newspaper.
Rage filled her heart, "HE must have let them out, must have!". She wanted to confront him with that. Yes, she would rip the newspaper out of his hands and say....Suddenly a short but very loud noise came out of the kitchen. Mary thought she'd faint, got hold of herself and ran towards the "doomed" room. There she found the two little rascals (though to her they were simply demons in disguise). Not only was every single chair out of place, in the middle of the room lay the fruit bowl in smithereens. It was her wedding present. This was too much. Too much.
She started shouting. Did they know what crime they had committed? The answer was a dish shattered on the ground. The two children, too young to understand, liked the scene their aunt was making. Another dish fell, another, .... Minutes passed. At last Frank the average husband who had been lying asleep under his average newspaper, woke up and decided to come and see what for Pete's sake was going on.
He opened the door and that was the last thing he would ever do.
Two days later the niece found her two boys hanged in the garden- like two scarecrows worthy of their task- and Frank lying quite gracefully in the kitchen, a little round hole (ten bunnies only half a man) marked his forehead. "Mary sat at his side muttering something unintelligible", said the niece to the nice and understanding officer. And the kitchen sparkled in an obscene whiteness... the cleanliness of a slaughterhouse.

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