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Welcome to Hellcats Over the Pacific !!!

'Hellcats Over the Pacific' is Graphic Simulations Corporations way of saying to the Macintosh user : WE LOVE YOU !!

Yes, dear Macintosh user, you have been very priviliged to have been able to acquire a copy of the famed 'Hellcats Over the Pacific' brought to you by Graphic Simulations Corporation.
'Hellcats Over the Pacific' is a startlingly astounding graphics user interface to provide you with the full experience of what it must have felt like to be a fighterjock in the Second Big One. This program is so richly documented, so meticulously provided with detailed information on fighterpiloting over the Pacific, that you will be able to smell the salt in the air over the sea, you nostrils will be assaulted by the fragrance of burned oil as your hydraulics systems are shot to smithereens by a passing 0.
Hear the cursing and scoffing of the grease monkeys on the deck of your aircraft carrier !!
See the blood of the last yellow skinned fellow man at the wrong side of the political divide spatter against what's left of his windscreen !!
Let your senses be swepped away by the dazzling beauties as they storm up the runway to welcome you on becoming the latest ace of the base !!

Can you feel it in your bones, Macintosh user ? Do you feel the vibe, will your life ever be complete again without 'Hellcats Over the Pacific' ? Imagine the respect you'll gain in your peer group. No longer will you be considered a sissy, a pansy, or a loser when you show up at work. Now you'll be able to brag your latest escapades in the wild blue yonder. You'll be able to boast so many killings that you alone will be responsible for thousands of "word of mouth" extra sales.
Never let up on the real level of realism though. Never tell your colleagues and friends that your wife, girlfriend, lover, partner in life resented you again for leaving your favourite console with torn clothes, dirt covered face, a zillion bandages all over the most sensitive parts of your successful married/coed life. Don't tell them you had to spend hours explaining away the gallons of spent motor-oil from the ruptured cylinders of your enemy's warbird. And when asked retort that there can be no real realism in flightsimulating if there isn't a good ol' fire to be put out with whatever means available every now and so often.


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