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Maurizio Chelucci was born in Rome on February 24th, 1962. He began to take photos in 1977 by using a voitglander, then he turned to the reflex camera system.
In the first years he successfully entered several photographic competitions; the good results served him as a hint to continue his own research.
During the military service he was  photographer and the person in charge of the laboratory of the barracks. Afterwards he mainly dealt in travel reportages in Europe and Africa.
In 1990 he  associated with the "Blow up" Club in Rome which he left in 1992 in order to join the foundation of the photographic team called Associazione Culturale Controchiave, where he now holds photography classes. He has also written a photography handbook.
The approach  to and the meaning of photography have been  analysed by the team "Controchiave" (CPT) in those years and the result (of a research which is currently on) are the phographic manifesto and the different  experimentations, multimedial installations, live shows, exhibitions and performances realized.
In 1999 he  started a cooperation with MassenzioArte dealing in photography and magazines in the field (ExibArt).

Exhibitions and performances


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