Frequent Asked Questions

Which kind of music did the three hombres play on their debuts?
Bill was inspired by Chicago blues bands, Dusty played essentially garage music and Frank took the starting point from British Invasion (The Cellar Dwellers, one of his early groups, was possible to admire it regularly at Cellar Club of Pat Kirkwood in Fort Worth).

Who was Lady Wilde?
She was an English singer: The Warlocks backed her at several events in Dallas.

Did The Warlocks change their name for avoiding disagreements with the future Grateful Dead?
Not exactly, in that Jerry Garcia coined his new name long before (on Dec. 4th 1965 precisely): The Warlocks was simply a name too frequent (there were at least two singles released between 1965 and 1966 by bands named Warlocks).

Which was the weight of a piece like 99th Floor?
99th Floor is considered a standard in its way: probably the best interpretation of this track was performed by The Fuzztones on a demo dated 1982; Ron Rimsite titled 99th Floor his wonderful zine and Luca Re (ex-leader of the mythical Sick Rose) called 99th Floor his new band.

Which was the first single recorded by ZZ Top?
It was Salt Lick b/w Miller's Farm released in 1969 through Scat Records (cat. no. 500); Frank Beard and Dusty Hill joined in soon afterwards; it was reissued the next year by London Records (cat. no. 131).

What has happened to Rocky Hill?
Rocky reappeared on the stage in 1988 with an album produced by Bill Ham (the same of ZZ Top) released for Virgin Records. Subsequently two records came out but they were made up of previous material: Texas Shuffle (Tomato 269654) in 1990 and Midnight Creepers (Collectables 572) in 1994.

Some explanations about Moving Sidewalks' discography:
Flash LP - according to the legend the abbreviation TS stands for Tantara Stereo, 69 for the year of release and 19 for the age of the four members;
I Want To Hold Your Hand 7inch - a few guides and zines report this one as Tantara 3103, other sources refer to compilations and mention it as 3108 (Bill sings I wanna, not I want to): Joe Rein who owns a copy told me the cat. # is 3108;
Flashback 7inch - common rock encyclopaedias report No Good To Cry as B-side; sources for collectors mention the B-side as unknown or call in question the existence of the single: Don Summers (Sidewalks' bassist) resolved the doubt… the A side was a radio edit (2:52) b/w the long version (4:15); the album version is 4:45.