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Once upon a time a mod-band called the Pow… it was 1982 in Sweden, and three youngsters, Hans Ingemansson (guitar & vocals), Stefan Nilsson (bass), and Ismail Samie (drums), played the songs of their heroes (Spencer Davis Group, Jam, Squire and so on…) at little clubs in Stockholm.
Two years later, in 1984, a Czechoslovak immigrant, Robert Jelinek, member of the Creeps, joined the group so that the sound and the look changed becoming wilder. The Pow turned into the Backdoor Men and started playing covers of the Chocolate Watch Band, Music Machine and Standells. Tracks On Wax engaged them and in August 1985 released their first killer-single.
At that point new songs were ready to be issued (Another Way Of Giving, Going Her Own Way, Sonics' Going Home, Music Machine's People In Me) on a mini-LP temporarily titled The Backdoor Men Strike Italy! and scheduled for March '86 on Electric Eye label, but instead, only a second wonderful 45rpm saw the light on Fab Records. Shortly after, the Creeps of Jelinek (and Ingemansson) made their debut releasing a magnificent album, and at the end of December the Backdoor Men didn't exist any more.
As for Ismail, he issued a splendid single with the Livingstones in September 1987.

(thanks to Claudio Sorge for believin' in the Backdoor Men)




Compilation appearances


extended notes to The Backdoor Men discography

Out Of My Mind/Magic Girl
Released as Tracks On Wax WAX 006 (7inch) (Sw) in 1985
Produced by Stry Terrarie
Thanks to Jörgen & Stry Terrarie (for organ)
Photographs by Torbjörn Haak
Sleeve by Jan Hesseldahl & the Backdoor Men
Out Of My Mind written by Ingemansson & Jelinek
Magic Girl by Ingemansson
Hans Ingemansson - rhythm guitar & vocal
Robert Jelinek - lead guitar & vocal
Stefan Nilsson - bass & vocal
Ismail Samie - drums

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Going Her Own Way/Dance Of The Savages
Released as Fab BM-S 002 (7inch) (Ger) in 1986
Produced by Lave Lindholm
Pics by Mikael, H. Cecillia, D. Jonnie, E.
Sleeve by B. Bergenholtz & I. Samie
Both tracks written by Ingemansson
Stefan Nilsson - bass
Ismail Samie - drums & tambourine
Hans Ingemansson - 12-string, vocals & organ
Robert Jelinek - guitar & vocals

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Review of Out Of My Mind/Magic Girl

by Jon Storey
issued on Bucketfull Of Brains #13 1985

Hans Ingemansson? Robert Jelinek? Stefan Nilsson? Ismail Samie?? Are they Swedes? Are they Germans? Are they the Chocolate Watchband's second cousins? Who knows! Certainly not I… yet. Whilst the band's name isn't too inspiring the music is - grade 'A' 1966 US garage, lean and hard and contrasted by the gentle but unhinged melodies of Magic Girl on the flip. With releases like this Tracks On Wax are rapidly becoming the Northern Hemisphere's equivalent to the amazing Citadel!! Get this record and then write to The Fabulous Society (Hamburg, Germany) for info on the band.




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