(Excerpt from) Action Scene

by Ron Rimsite
issued on 99th Floor #7 Fall '85 - Winter '86

The Morlochs might be the greatest garage band on earth right now! Strong statement from someone who's seen 'em all but I mean it! In my last few months before leaving L.A. these guys turned into the most savagely unbelievable live act alive. From the moment they played at the late PVTV03 club and proceed to have both their bass player (Jeff) and lead guitarist (Tommy) fall off the dark stage at different parts of the same song and hurt themselves, I knew these guys ruled! In fact I ran around to different people screaming excitedly that this was the greatest live band I'd seen since the Stooges! Most of 'em just stared at me drunkenly waiting for the Unclaimed to pretend they're the Music Machine. I don't get it! Don't these people know what garage is? Well sooner or later the Morlochs'll get their due. Midnight is putting out their mini-LP as soon as J.D. gets up the cash and it sounds like (as I said) the Stooges jamming with Bo Diddley in the basement. This record was actually recorded in a cellar and sounds it! Well since I left California, the band has split to San Francisco to meet up with Jeff who ran away up there. In fact Ted (guitar) left a desperate message on my answering machine, "Help, Ron, we're surrounded by homos! Get us outta here!" But they claim they're stronger than ever and have been getting a lot of moral support from Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies, who's been jamming with them onstage and plans to produce their second record which'll probably come out before the first one at the snail's pace Midnight is working at! Regardless wait in line at your local shoppe for The Morlochs Emerge since it makes a lot of new "garage" records you own look like Bryan Adams! Best garage band on earth? You Decide!

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