The Gravedigger V

All Black And Hairy

cover of All Black and Hairy

Album notes

Released as Voxx VXS200.025 (LP) (US) in December 1984
Reissued as Voxx VCD2025 (CD) (US) added to The Mirror Cracked in 1994

Producer: Greg Shaw
Engineer: Gary Stern at Silvery Moon Studio
Executive Producer: Ron Rimsite
Artwork: Diane Zincavage


Leighton Koizumi - lead screaming & sound effects
Ted Friedman - lead guitar & vocals
John Hanrattie - rhythm guitar
Tom Ward - bass & vocals
David Anderson - drums & percussion


All Black And Hairy (Lord Sutch)
Tomorrow Is Yesterday (Friedman)
No Good Woman (A. Cloud)
Do Like Me (L. Welding/T. Lee)
Hate (Ash)
She's A Cur (Ward/Leighton)
Searching (Revercomb/Allen)
She's Gone (Friedman/Leighton)
Night Of The Phantom (Larry & The Blue Notes)
Don't Tread On Me (K. Massengill)
One Ugly Child (Bright)
She Got (Friedman)
Stoneage Stomp (Friedman/Leighton)

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