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photo of The Morlocks dated fall '87: (left to right) Matt Johnson, Paul Howland, Leighton Koizumi, Tom Clark

There is a dimension deep within your mind
the sound of bones as they rock and grind
the strobe of the inner eye
electric like falling night
pulses deep and primal
from another time
down, down
down underground
the Morlocks crept, and they found…

the hangout of the shaggy crowd
then dug the grooves on inner sound
so turn it up,
let your mind submerge,
turn yourself on…

as The Morlocks Emerge…

latest update: July 1st 2004

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(Background credit: artwork by Tom Holleran)
(Banner credit: photo by Vogel de Garcia)

Darren & Leighton's new band:
Featherwood Junction
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