The Gravedigger V

The Mirror Cracked

cover of The Mirror Cracked

Album notes

Released as Voxx VXS200.038 (LP) (US) in June 1987
Reissued as Voxx VCD2025 (CD) (US) added to All Black & Hairy in 1994

Producer: Greg Shaw (except rehearsals)
Studio engineer: Gary Stern at Silvery Moon
Live recording: Steve Hill
Photos: Teri Friedman & Michael A. Ward
Tracks 1-3 outtakes from All Black & Hairy
Tracks 5-7 rehearsals recorded 1/2/84
Tracks 8-15 recorded live at the Rave-Up, June 16, 1984


Leighton Koizumi - lead screaming & sound effects
Ted Friedman - lead guitar & vocals
John Hanrattie - rhythm guitar
Tom Ward - bass & vocals (on studio outtakes)
Chris Gast - bass (on rehearsals & live set)
David Anderson - drums & percussion
Paula Pierce - vocals on No Good Woman


The Mirror Cracked (G5)
Enough Of What I Need (Ash/Quillian/Marachal)
Be A Caveman (Paxton/Powell)
No Good Woman (Cloud)
It's Spooky (Leighton/Friedman)
Drivin' Me Insane (Hutchins)
Stop It Baby (Capli/Hooper)
Searchin' (Ravercomb/Allen)
She's Gone (Friedman/Leighton)
Enough Of What I Need (Ash/Quillian/Marachal)
Be A Caveman (Paxton/Powell)
She's A Cur (Ward/Leighton)
The Mirror Cracked (G5)
Night Of The Phantom (Larry & The Blue Notes)
Tomorrow Is Yesterday (Friedman)

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