Review of She's My Fix/You Must Not Be Seen As I Am

by Claudio Sorge
issued on Rockerilla #110 October 1989

Banished like infected, considered to be unreliable fellows by a lot of American independent labels, the Morlocks returned to the (underground) scene with a line-up changed of which the infamous Leighton and the guitarist Tom Clarke are still members. Maker of the operation "comeback" is our old dear Ron Rimsite who, through his own Earache Records, has produced the small vinyl of this San Diego's band.
The A-side is a remaking of She's My Fix (formerly on Submerged Alive, but different); the track is very faster in this new version: you can hear the solos (at last!) and a bad recording doesn't damage them. The group offers the usual strong late sixties hard rock, how it was expected naturally: Savage Resurrection meets Stooges (evil age… approximately Raw Power!).
The B-side You Must Not Be Seen As I Am is an absolute unreleased track. Leighton sings it with his habitual perversion/sweetness vocal. It's a slow piece, sinuous like a serpent, with sudden, degenerate, anomalous accelerations; and a melodic line that is unique in the rock scene of today.
An unexpected and touching return. Impossible to get the Morlocks out of our hearts!

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