Review of Under The Wheel/Hurricane A' Coming

by Federico Ferrari
issued on Rockerilla #128 April 1991

Legendary group of the American underground, the Morlocks of Leighton (great singer whose life, upset by heroin and consequent infernal existence, didn't allow the band to have a "regular" course) present themselves to us again by a single recorded in 1987, and produced by Ron Rimsite. Two songs on a small Californian label, Iloki, that emphasize once more the talent of an extraordinary outfit, to say the least. Under The Wheel is a hard bomb from the seventies, with passages a la Funkadelic and deadly hard freak distortions. Essential and definite, the group's sound owns characteristics both of vigour and executive order. The back proves it too, Hurricane A' Coming, splendid hard rock punk, overflowing of infectious energy with Leighton corrosive like a lethal acid.
Nowadays nobody knows anything about this great singer. Who maintains that he is in jail, who that he was really killed by aids, who that he is a ragamuffin, drugged through, and only some people like to remember him for his qualities of singer. And within us there is the sadness for the extraordinary things that the Morlocks would have been able to do, if their leader hadn't fallen into the hell of desperation.

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