The Morlocks

Submerged Alive

cover of Submerged Alive

Album notes

Released as Epitaph EPI/MLP1 (LP) (US) in January 1988
Recorded live at Berkeley in 1986

Executive Producer: The Legendary Starbolt
Cover art by Tom Holleran
Liner notes by Ron Rimsite


Leighton Koizumi - vocals
Jordan Tarlow - guitar
Tom Clarke - guitar
Jeff Lucas - bass
Mark Mullen - drums


Get Out Of My Life Woman (Allen Toussaint)
She's My Fix (Lucas/Leighton)
Different World (Lucas/Leighton)
Black Box (Tarlow/Leighton)
Leavin' Here (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
My Friend The Bird (Lucas/Leighton)
Your Body Not Your Soul (Cuby & The Blizzards)
Two Wheels Go (Lucas/Leighton)
Empty (Lucas/Leighton)

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