The Morlocks

Uglier Than You'll Ever Be!

cover of Uglier Than You'll Ever Be!

Album notes

Released as Voxx VCD2071 (CD) & Voxx VCS2071 (LP) (US) in November 1997

Recorded live in San Francisco Oct. 8th 1985
Licensed from Ted Friedman
Remastered by Arthur
Introduction by the legendary Jerry Cornelius


Leighton Koizumi - vocals
Ted Friedman - guitar
Tom Clarke - guitar
Jeff Lucas - bass
Mark Mullen - drums


I Need You
You Mistreat Me
Leavin' Here
Far Away
My Friend The Bird
I Got Nightmares
Outside Looking In
The K
Your Body Not Your Soul
Double Decker Bus
Get Out Of My Life Woman
Cry In The Night
By My Side
When The Night Falls

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