The Morlocks

Wake Me When I'm Dead

cover of Wake Me When I'm Dead

Album notes

Released as Slusaj Najglasnije (Listen Loudest) SNLP 7 (LP) (ltd. ed. of 500) & SNK 33 (Tape) (Croatia) in 1991

Tracks 1-3 recorded live at Berkeley Square, Berkeley 1/86
Track 4 recorded live at the Cavern Club, L.A. 3/86
Tracks 5-7 recorded live at Anti-Club, L.A. 3/86
Tracks 8-9 recorded live at Mirage Club, San Diego 7/1/88
Track 10 recorded live at Che Cafe, San Diego 6/18/88
Tracks 11-12 alternate studio mix fall '87


Leighton Koizumi - vocals
Tommy Clark - guitar
Ted Friedman - guitar (tracks 1-7)
Jeff Lucas - bass & vocals (tracks 1-7)
Mark Mullen - drums (tracks 1-7)
Matt Johnson Drumking - drums (tracks 8-12)
Paul Howland - bass & vocals (tracks 8-12)


Fly Away (Into The Night)
You Mistreat Me
Cry In The Night
Born Loser
Double Decker Bus
By My Side
99 Miles
Nile Song
Under The Wheel
You Must Not Be Seen As I Am

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