System requirements

I'm pretty sure that the contents of this site are readable without problems using as browser any version of Netscape Navigator (4.0 to 6.0), or Microsoft Internet Explorer (4.0 to 6.0).

If for any reason it is not so, on Netscape 4 you must deselect the option Enable style sheets (Edit menu -> Preferences -> Advanced), whereas on IE please refer to
There you will find the instructions that allow you to change the colors, fonts, dimension and styles.

Probably previous versions of these browsers (3, 2 or 1) will display black fonts on a white background, or at the worst, the colors of the fonts that I chose, on a white or gray background.
I attempted to select some colors readable at any rate… however each section has a text-only version.

Other browsers successfully tested: Lynx 2.8.3, WebTV, Opera 5.0.

Developing and testing tools: HTML-Kit 1.0, Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0, Corel Photo-Paint 7.3, Macromedia Fireworks 2.0, Happy Lad Image mapper 1.1, Bobby 3.1, Amaya 2.4, WebTV Viewer 1.0.

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