The Shadows of Knight

Back Door Men

cover of Back Door Men CD

Album notes

Released as Dunwich 667 (mono) & S 667 (Stereo) (LP) (US) in October 1966
Reissued as Sundazed 5035 (LP) & SC 6156 (CD) (US) in 1998 with 3 bonus tracks

Produced by Bill Traut & George Badonsky
Recorded at Universal Recording Corp., Chicago, IL
Engineered by Bob Kidder
Cover photo by Don Bronstein
Original album art direction by Ron Fratell


Jim Sohns: lead vocals, tambourine & maracas
Joe Kelley: lead guitar, blues harp, lead vocal on Peepin' And Hidin'
Jerry McGeorge: rhythm guitar, feedback, lead vocal on Three For Love
Warren Rogers: bass
Tom Schiffour: drums
Dave The Hawk Wolinski: keyboards on Bad Little Woman, Hey Joe, Peepin' And Hidin' and Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day


Bad Little Woman (Tinsley, Catling, Demick, Armstrong, Rosbotham) 2:34
Gospel Zone (Schiffour) 3:16
The Behemoth (Pye) 2:31
Three For Love (Kelley) 2:34
Hey Joe (Roberts)* 5:39
I'll Make You Sorry (Kelley) 2:39
Peepin' And Hidin' (Reed) 2:58
Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day (Boyce) 2:20
New York Bullseye (Pye) 2:40
High Blood Pressure (Smith, Vincent) 3:35
Spoonful (Dixon) 2:54

Bonus tracks of Sundazed reissue

Gospel Zone (single vers.) (Schiffour) 3:17
Willie Jean (single) (Trad. arr. by Pye) 2:47
I'm Gonna Make You Mine (single) (Bayer, Carr, D'Errico) 2:30

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*trivia: the credits given to this song are one of the most clamorous blunders in the whole rock history! Hey Joe was supposed to be written by Chester Powers (aka Dino Valente), as a matter of fact it was composed by folksinger Billy Roberts round 1958.