The Shadows of Knight


cover of Gloria CD

Album notes

Released as Dunwich 666 (mono) & S 666 (stereo) (LP) (US) in April 1966
Reissued as ltd. ed. of 2000 (LP) (Jap) in 1979
Reissued as Sundazed 5034 (LP) & SC 6155 (CD) (US) in 1998 with 3 bonus tracks

Produced by Bill Traut & George Badonsky
Recorded at Universal Recording Corp., Chicago, IL
Engineered by Bob Kidder
Cover photo by Don Bronstein
Original album art direction by Ron Fratell


Jim Sohns: lead vocals, tambourine & maracas
Joe Kelley: lead guitar, bass & blues harp
Jerry McGeorge: rhythm guitar & feedback
Warren Rogers: bass & lead guitar
Tom Schiffour: drums


Gloria (Morrison) 2:34
Light Bulb Blues (Kelley, Sohns, McGeorge) 2:32
I Got My Mojo Working (Morganfield) 3:28
Dark Side (Rogers, Sohns) 2:00
Boom Boom (Hooker) 2:28
Let It Rock (Berry) 1:52
Oh Yeah (McDaniel) 2:45
It Always Happens That Way (Rogers, Sohns) 1:52
You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover) (Dixon) 2:37
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (Dixon) 3:52
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Dixon) 3:49

Bonus tracks of Sundazed reissue

Oh Yeah (single vers.) (McDaniel) 2:45
I Got My Mojo Working (alt. vers.) (Morganfield) 3:14
Someone Like Me (single) (Novack, McDowell) 2:18

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