The Shadows of Knight

The Shadows of Knight

cover of Shake   cover of The Super K Kollection

Album notes

Released as Super K SKS 6002 (LP) (US) in 1969
Reissued as The Super K Kollection (Collectables 0581) (CD) (US) in June 1994 without Under Acoustic Control
Reissued as Shake (One Way 30331) (CD) (US) in September 1994 with 4 bonus tracks

Produced by Joe Levine & Arthur Resnick
A product of Kasenetz-Katz Ass., Inc.


Jim Sohns: lead vocals
Woody Woodruff: lead guitar
Dan Baughman: rhythm guitar
John Fisher: bass
Kenny Turkin: drums


Times And Places
I Am What I Am
Uncle Wiggley's Airship
I Wanna Make You All Mine
Shake Revisited '69
I'll Set You Free
Under Acoustic Control
Back Door Man

Bonus tracks of One Way reissue

From Way Out To Way Under
My Fire Department Needs A Fireman
Run Run Billy Porter

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