Various Artists

Battle Of The Garages

cover of Battle Of The Garages

Album notes

Released as Voxx VXS 200.006 (LP) (US) in 1981
Reissued on CD as Voxx VCD 2067 (US) with different track listing

Art & design by Diane Zincavage

Tracks & personnel

Return To The Psychedelic (United States Of Existence)
Left In The Dark (The Vertebrats)
Let Her Dance (The Stepmothers)
Look Out Below (Pete Holly & The Looks)
Things I Should've Said (Eddy Best)
Tell Me (Brad Long)
RPM (Deniz Tek)
In The Dark (The Dark Side)
Pushin' Too Hard (The Embarrassment)
The Reason Why (The Wombats)
You're Gonna Need My Love Someday (The Crawdaddys)
Run From Home (The Unclaimed)
Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) (The Chesterfield Kings)
Glendoral Going All The Way (The Slickee Boys)
I Dig Your Mind (Billy Synth & The Turn-Ups)
Office Skills (Plasticland)

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