Riot on the Sunset Strip

issued on BAM November 21, 1980

The Central will be presenting a Riot on the Sunset Strip when the Unclaimed, one of the most exciting new bands around town, play the new Sunset Strip Avenue. For those who haven't heard about the Unclaimed, we'll tell you that they take their cue from American psychedelic-punk bands of the late '60s, performing original material that sounds remarkably and chillingly like the Standells, the Seeds, and the Chocolate Watch Band. The Watchband, of course, appeared in the classic film Riot on the Sunset Strip, which showed rebellious Hollywood teens taking acid and clashing with brutish local police. Great stuff. Central booker Howard Paar says he's searching for members of the cast of that film to come to the show, and he also adds, "Bring your own acid!" Meanwhile, anyone who wants a crash course in psychedelic-punk is advised to pick up a copy of the Sire Records compilation album Nuggets, which was compiled a few years back by Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye.


Review of The Unclaimed EP

issued on New York Rocker

This L.A. band, which uncannily recreates the sound and look of the 1966-67 Sunset Strip punk explosion in person, sounds a bit muffled on its debut release. But the songs, the sound, and the acidic lyrics are all here, especially on Deposition Central (The Acid Song) and Run From Home. Without a doubt, one of L.A.'s finest.


Incense and peppermints

by Patrick Goldstein

Now that the acid-drenched '60s are back in vogue - even the Fonz has grown a beard - it was only a matter of time before rock 'n' roll got on the bandwagon. England has the Psychedelic Furs, but now the local scene has its own entry, a mop-topped crew called the Unclaimed.
Sporting black turtlenecks and hairdos that only Brian Jones' hairdresser could love, the quintet plays the kind of psychedelic-punk rock popularized by '60s garage bands like the Seeds and the Chocolate Watch Band. The band does nearly all originals, with apt titles like Cryptic Message and Acid Song. The Unclaimed play the Central Dec. 19 - just keep an eye on the punch.


The Bomp psychedelic compilation, Battle of the Garages, is in the stores. It's got a really bitchen cover that looks like a comic book and songs by the Unclaimed and Crawdaddys. The Unclaimed, about whom I cannot say enough since the addition of Rich Whatisname on guitar and keyboards and the addition of a new pawnshop-bought National guitar to the instrumentation, will be at the O.N. Klub this Thursday with 100 Flowers.


Shelley Ganz's playlist

1) The Seeds - The Seeds
2) No Way Out - Chocolate Watch Band
3) Psychotic Reaction - Count Five
4) I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - The Electric Prunes
5) Little Girl - Syndicate of Sound
6) Turn On! - Music Machine
7) Dirty Water - The Standells
8) Primitive - The Groupies (single)
9) 96 Tears - ? and the Mysterians
10) Psychedelic Sounds - The Thirteenth Floor Elevators

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