Liner notes to (Rock and hard Rolls) Live in Europe 1987!! by Paul Grant

What was intended to be a package tour with The Unclaimed and Thee Fourgiven turned into a near fiasco. Before they left the States, a tour poster was sent to Lee Joseph. Much to his surprise, he found his name on the bill along side the groups. The promoters were half serious when they added Lee's name, but he went along with the plan. He hit the stage, with a borrowed acoustic guitar in hand, performing many of his favorite tunes along with some originals. Lee went on to open almost all of the shows and the crowds loved it.
As for The Unclaimed, problems abounded in the name of Shelly Ganz. He mutinied the tour and pulled an AWOL on his own band. According to Ganz, it was too much trouble to wake up before 12 Noon, travel in a van and actually be forced to do some hard work. As his plane headed into the States, the remaining members of the tour breathed a sign of relief. The Unclaimed continued the tour as Lee (who had quit the group months earlier but re-joined for the tour) took over on lead vocals.
Last but not least, let's not forget Thee Fourgiven. As usual, they rocked and the crowds could not get enough of them.
Despite strip searches, getting lost, near death experiences and other typical tour problems, this near fiasco turned into a fabulous success for the groups. With all that said, listen and enjoy!

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