The Unclaimed

The Unclaimed

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Released as Hysteria HLP-1300 (mini-LP) (US) in 1983 (aka Primordial Ooze Flavored)
Reissued as Resonance 33-8707 (Netherlands) in 1987

Produced by The Unclaimed
Engineered by Joe Weiss
Remixed by Bill Inglot & Shelly Ganz
Cover design of Primordial Ooze Flavored by Matthew Roberts & Shelly Ganz;
photos courtesy of Mike Parente
Front cover design of the reissue by Darian Sahanaja (concept by Shelly & Domenic);
art direction & back sleeve by Dave Larr;
photos courtesy of Surfin' Colours Productions
All songs by Shelly Ganz except Phunt Walk by Mancini, Davis


Shelly Ganz: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, various percussion, solos on Things In The Past
Richard Coffee: lead guitar, backing vocals, organ
Ray Flores IV: bass, sitar, backing vocals
Matthew Roberts: drums, spiritual guidance
Sylvia Juncosa: keyboards on Phunt Walk


Lost Trails (3:16)
No Apology (2:04)
Walk On The Water (2:16)
Things In The Past (Yeah O'Yeah) (2:32)
Ugh (3:31)
Phunt Walk (2:41)

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