The Unclaimed

by Ron Rimsite
issued on 99th Floor #4 Spring 1983

The Unclaimed washed ashore on the California coast in a mystic tide from 1966. They'd been together since 1979 as a five-man sound attack in black turtlenecks. Most fans outside of LA know them from their EP (and only publicly released recordings) on the Moxie lable, which most readers will remember as the company that released the Boulders records. A track from their EP turned up last year on the Voxx Battle Of The Garages album, even though it has nothing to do with their current sound or line-up.
The Unclaimed consist now of the mysterious Shelley Ganz (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rich Coffee (lead guitar, organ), Ray Flores (bass plus one-time skateboard champ!) and Matt Roberts (drums). This line-up has developed their style & sound to an authentic representation of the great garage bands we all love. They sound like an evyl potion consisting of Count V, the Caravelles, Electric Prunes, the Chocolate Watch Band, the Combenashuns… You get the picture - raw cryptic sound!
Their image, though, has caused them some problems in LA! For example, some squares with crewcuts took offense at their cool hair & clothes and threw bottles & verbal abuse at the Unclaimed! Shades of early Rolling Stones!! I guess those "new wave" dorks don't know what cool is!
The Unclaimed plan to record their first LP record and to bring their groovy message to kids on the East Coast, too! I can't wait! The future is Unclaimed!

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