Attila & The Huns

Under The Bodhi Tree

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Album notes

Released as Music Maniac MMLP/CD 028 (LP/CD) (Ger) in 1991

Recorded at Westbeach Studios, Culver City, CA.
Produced by a bunch of Huns (Ugh)
Engineered by John Girdler
Cover concept by Shelley Kidd & Hans Kesteloo
Cover art: Terrapin Station, Manchester UK
All songs by Shelley Kidd except Teeny Bopper by Ellner, Choney, Byrney, Michalski, Atkinson and Village Of The Giants by Jack Nitsche


Shelley Kidd: lead vocals, guitar, various percussion
Dan Valente: lead guitar
Lee Joseph: bass, backing vocals
Scott Forer: drums
Sylvia Juncosa: guest keyboard


Hard To Find (2:29)
No Win Game (3:22)
Don't Love Me (3:18)
Well It's True (4:15)
Betty Cooper (3:37)
Village Of The Giants (3:07)
Let's See (The Eye) (3:25)
Great Mystery (3:26)
Teeny Bopper (2:08)
Haunted (4:04)
The Creeps (2:30)
Farmin' Man (4:38)
Bodhi Tree (2:27)
The Gull (CD only)
It's Raining Now (CD only)

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