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1965 Can't Seem To Make You Mine/Daisy Mae (GNP 354)/(Vocalion VN 9287) (UK) 1967
1965 You're Pushin' Too Hard/Out Of The Question (GNP 364)
1966 Try To Understand/The Other Place (GNP 370)
1966 Pushin' Too Hard/Try To Understand (GNP 372)/(Vocalion VN 9277) (UK)
1967 Mr. Farmer/No Escape (GNP 383)
1967 Can't Seem To Make You Mine/I Tell Myself (GNP 354)
1967 Mr. Farmer/Up In Her Room (GNP 383)
1967 A Thousand Shadows/March Of The Flower Children (GNP 394)
1967 The Wind Blows Your Hair/Six Dreams (GNP 398)
1968 Satisfy You/900 Million People Daily (All Making Love) (GNP 408)
1969 Fallin' Off The Edge Of My Mind/Wild Blood (GNP 422)

1968 Pushin' Too Hard/Can't Seem To Make You Mine (Philco HP-26)*
1988 Pushin' Too Hard b/w Gants' Greener Day (Bam Caruso OPRA 091) (UK)**

*4inch flexi in Philco Hip-Pocket Record series
** 7inch limited juke box edition

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Contributions & compilations

Two Fingers Pointing On You on Psych-Out (O.S.T.) Sidewalk ST-5913 (1968)

Can't Seem To Make You Mine on Nuggets Vol. 2 Punk (Rhino RNLP 026) LP, Nuggets Vol. 1 (Rhino 75892) CD, Nuggets Box Set (Rhino 75466) 4CD, Used People & Copland movie scores

Pushin' Too Hard on Nuggets (Elektra 7E-2006) 2LP, Nuggets Vol. 1 The Hits (Rhino RNLP 025) LP, Tough Rock (LP), Wild Thing (LP), Psychedelic Archives Usa Garage Vol. 2 (Tape), Nuggets Vol. 1 (Rhino 75892) CD, Nuggets Box Set (Rhino 75466) 4CD, Highs Of The Sixties (Warner Bros. WSP 9-27607) CD, Best Of 60's Psychedelic Rock (CD), Baby Boomer Classics: Psychedelic Sixties (JCI 3116) CD, Battle Of The Bands Vol. 1 (K-Tel) CD, Biker Rock (K-Tel 3133) CD, Cruisin' 1966 (Increase 1966) CD, Cult Rockers: Rebels (Beloved 21010) CD, Easyriders Vol. 2 (Thump 62020) CD, Flower Power: Psychedelic Rock Classics (K-Tel) CD, Garage Band Classics (Simitar 5536) CD, Power Chords: Vol. 1 (Hip-O 40038) CD, Psychedelic Mindtrip Vol. 2: Another Flashback (K-Tel 3610) CD, Toga Rock (DCC 29) CD, 24 Original Happening Hits (Telerad 9000) CD, Air America & Wild America soundtracks

Try To Understand on Nuggets Vol. 6 Punk Pt. 2 (Rhino RNLP 030) LP

Mr. Farmer on More Nuggets Vol. 2 (Rhino 75777) CD

A Thousand Shadows on Mindrocker Vol. 1 (Line LLP 5115) LP (Ger)

The Wind Blows Your Hair on Nuggets Vol. 9 Acid Rock (Rhino RNLP 033) LP & It's Only A Passing Phase (Bam Caruso MARX 100) LP (UK)

Gypsy Plays His Drums on Progressive Music (Vogue Int. CDMDINT 9785) LP (Ger)

Wild Blood on Filling The Gap (Obscure World 001) (4LP box set)

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