Sky Saxon discography


1977 Sky Sunlight Saxon: Lover's Cosmic Voyage (Golden Flash) LP (private pressing on coloured vinyl)
1977 Fire, Water, Air: Golden Sunrise (Emerald Light ELR-84510) 8-track tape
1977 Stars New Seeds: Heavenly Earth (Live At The Orpheum Theatre) (Sunbow SR-001) LP
1978 Sky Sunlight Saxon: Sunlight & The New Seeds (Expression) LP
1983 The Seeds & Sky Saxon: Bad Part Of Town (Eva 12019) LP (Fr)
1983 Sky Saxon: New Fruit From Old Seeds - The Rare Sky Saxon Volume One (AIP 10009) LP
1984 Sky Sunlight Saxon & The Stars New Seeds Band: Starry Ride (Psycho 29) Mini-LP (UK)
1984 Sky Sunlight Saxon Universal Stars Peace Band: Masters Of Psychedelia (New Rose ROSE 36) LP (Fr)
1986 Sky Sunlight Saxon/Fire Wall: …A Groovy Thing (New Rose ROSE 93) LP (Fr)
1986 Sky Sunlight Saxon/Purple Electricity: Private Party (Live At The Cavern Club) (Water/Voxx VXS200.041) LP
1987 Sky Sunlight Saxon & The Original Seeds: Takes & Glories (Line 4.00291) LP (Ger)
1988 Sky Sunlight Saxon/Fire Wall: …In Search Of Brighter Colors (New Rose ROSE 155) LP (Fr)
1989 Sky Sunlight Saxon Dragonslayers SSS: Just Imagine (Pinpoint 57291172) LP (Ger)
1990 Sunlight Sky Saxon & The Dragonslayers: Breakin' Through The Doors (Elephant SKY 01) CD (Fr)
1992 Sky Saxon's U.S.A.: Flashback (Ocean ORCD 1-2) CD
1994 Fast Planet: Down The Nile (Fast Planet 134579) CD
1995 Fast Planet: Rockin' The Croc/West Coast (Fast Planet) Tape
2001 Richard Marsh & The Hoodwinks: Early Sky Saxon (Radio V Records) CD
2001 Sky Sunlight Saxon: Golden Vaults Volume 1 - Timeless (Radio V Records) CD

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