Sky Saxon discography

Singles & EPs

1963 Richie Marsh: There's Only One Girl/What Chance Have I (Rosco 412)
1963 Richard Marsh: They Say/Darling I Swear It's True (Shepherd 2203)
1963 Little Richie Marsh: Goodbye/Crying Inside My Heart (Ava 122)
1963 Sky Saxon & The Electra Fires: Do The Swim/Trouble With My Baby
1964 Richie Marsh & The Hood: Baby Baby Baby/Half Angel (Acama 125)
1964 Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers: They Say/Go Ahead & Cry (Conquest 777)
1971 The Seeds: Bad Part Of Town/Wish Me Up (MGM 14163)
1971 The Seeds: Love In A Summer Basket/Did He Die (MGM 14190)
1972 The Seeds: Shuckin' And Jiving/You Took Me By Surprise (Productions Unlimited AJ-11/22)
1977 Sunlight & Thee New Seeds/Universe Sun: Diamonds In The Rough/Universal Stars (Emerald Light 8)
1977 Sky Sunlight & Thee New Seeds: Beautiful Stars/Universal Stars (Expression 777-1/2)
1978 Stars New Seeds: In Love With Life/Starry Ride/The Queen/Tired Of Bein' Poor (Expression 777-3/4) 7inch EP
1986 Sky Saxon with SS20: Paradise/Born To Be Wild b/w SS20 (Voxx 3304) 7inch EP
1987 Sky Saxon: Dog = God (Fierce FRIGHT 009) (UK)

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Collaborations & compilations

Sky sings with The Allright Family Band on their Music Is Love-Maui (A.F.B.) LP (1980) track Starry Ride

track Don't Slander Me on Play New Rose For Me (New Rose) 2LP (Fr) 1986; reissued on CD as SPV 5254-2 (Fr)

Bad Part Of Town on Psychedelic Patchwork Vol. 1 (private pressing PP 101) LP, Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 5 (Starglow-Neon SN-00001) LP, Pebbles Vol. 3 (ESD 80362) CD

Love In A Summer Basket & Did He Die? on Psychedelic Archives Usa Garage Vol. 2 (Tape)

You Took Me By Surprise on Zona De Obras Especial #3 (2CD) (Spa)

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