Fast Planet

Down The Nile

cover of Down The Nile

Album notes

Released as Fast Planet 134579 (CD) in 1994

Recorded & mastered at Polk Street Recording, SF, CA.
Produced by Fast Planet & Marcus Tybalt
Mixed by Mark Houghton & Roy Loney
Recorded at Lumberjack Studios, Hayward, CA.
Produced by Sunlight & Serene
Mixed by Roy Loney, Sunlight & Serene
Cover art by Jimmy Phillips, Phillips Studios, Santa Cruz, CA.
Photography by Terry Lee Lewis for Harlow Productions


Sky Sunlight Saxon: lead vocals
Chris DeMorsella: guitar, backing vocals
Mark Love: guitar, organ, backing vocals
Mike Oak: bass, backing vocals
Patrick McCarthy: drums
Tommy Goodwin: drums, sitar, steel guitar, sax, wood block, backing vocals

Gordon Frasier: guitar
Greg Psomas: drums
Greg Rom: drums
Roy Loney, Serene & Manuela: backing vocals


Hijack (Plumber, Saxon) 4:56
No Escape (Saxon, Savage, Lawrence) 2:31
Down The Nile (DeMorsella, Saxon, Oak) 7:06
Women Lost In Love (DeMorsella, Saxon, Oak) 2:55
World Of Dreams (Houghton) 5:30
Mr. Farmer (Saxon, Hooper) 4:15
Crying Heartbreak (Goodwin, Saxon) 3:32
Sometimes I Get The Feeling (Last Sunset) (DeMorsella, Pandolfi, Saxon) 4:32
Crashing Thunder (DeMorsella, Saxon) 4:44
Peace, Love & Flowers (Chaz, DeMorsella, Oak, Saxon) 4:52

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